Dealing With The Court System

It is never fun to deal with the court system.  Lawyers, public defenders and judges all work to help keep our society safe by imposing laws and incarcerating those who break the laws.  For those that break the rules and laws of your particular city or state, you will need to deal with a judge in order to rectify the situation. 

When standing before a judge you will want to plead your case or have your lawyer plead it for you.  It is through this process you get to tell your side of the situation as does the state.  From this information the judge will make a decision as to your guilt, innocence or the weight of the evidence against you.  If you are found to be in fault a trial date will be issued, and a bond applied.  If you pay the bond, then you can walk free out of jail until your court date.  In order to do this, you will need to enlist the services of Wayne County bail bonds.

A bond is a fine that you are required to pay in order to be released from jail.  The bond can be a PR bond which means that you don’t have to pay money, or it can be a monetary bond.  This monetary bond if covered by a bail bonds person is a promise that you will show up to your court date.  If you fail to show up to your court date, the bond is forfeit and the bondsman will be looking for you. 

Wayne County bail bonds

If and when the bondsmen get you, they will return you to jail to await a court case not only for the initial warrant but for the skipping charge as well.  If you do this then the likelihood of going free or ever getting another bond is slim to none. 

Take advantage of your freedom if someone issues you a bond.  Don’t skip court and other legal obligations.